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Hello, my name in Carol. . I have been involved with dolls since I was five years old, and still have those dolls in my collection today. (Thank you Mum for saving them x). They were much loved and so are not in mint condition, as you can imagine.
I started collecting when I was in my twenties and have enjoyed every single minute spent on it.

Dolls gave me

an emotional connection taking me back to my childhood, which has never left me.

Doll collectors in the 1970’s were frowned upon and didn’t always shout from the rooftops about their hobby. A grown woman who collected dolls was thought of as slightly strange! Thank goodness times have changed.

Objects of love to children and adults alike.

They can be fine works of art or Icons of fashion. They can be beautiful elegant and strange all at the same time. That is how they have captivated us for centuries. I have gone through different stages with my dolls, spent time learning about their history and manufacturing.

I have dressed them and restored them (but only when absolutely necessary). I have joined clubs, here and abroad, and made lots of doll collecting friends, who are, I find the nicest of people. I decided I would write about my hobby to help other collectors, this I do twice a year in The Doll Advertiser an excellent magazine published and edited by Judy Bebber. Known as “the UK’s Premier Magazine”.

My articles cover the production and history of dolls and the shops and stores involved in selling them, from the 1700s right up to the 1960’s. You can obtain a subscription on the Doll Advertiser Magazine website. I have, with difficulty, decided to sell off some of my collection to make a bit more space for my Grandchildren, who are boys and sadly have no interest in Nanny’s dolls.

Please enjoy looking and come back to look often, as I will be listing new items every week! Some of my dolls are excellent, others are played with, the price will reflect their condition. I also have fabric, wool and knitting patterns
that I have collected over the years. If you have any questions, just get in touch.


Hard Plastic, Teen Vinyl, Antique, Composition, Accessories and More.

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